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DclickAds Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Does The Dclickads.com Advertising Services Work...?
  2. What are "Ad Zones" ...?
  3. What type of "Ad Zones" can I Buy or Sell ...?
  4. Is This Advertising Service Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression ...?
  5. As an Advertiser, How Much Does It Cost to Advertise...?
  6. For Webmasters, Will I Make Money with DClickAds...?
  7. Are there any System Requirements...?
  8. What Types Of Payment Methods Do You Accept ...?
  9. As a Webmaster When will I get Paid ...?

How does The DclickAds Advertising Services Work?

Our internet advertising service is setup for advertisers to place advertisements on publisher websites in an easy to use, simple and effective system. It is free to join and setup website publisher profiles. Advertisers decide which websites they want to place their advertisements on. Dclickads handles all of the advertisement placement, tracking and advertiser billing. Publishers are paid monthly depending on the ad zones they sell. We currently support Paypal and EZ Merchant Solutions payouts.
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What are "Ad Zones" ...?

Ad zones are Ad spaces or ad spots on a website a publisher has designated as where advertisements will go. An Ad Zone or Ad Space can be at the top of the page, the left side of a page, the right side of the page, the middle, or where ever the publisher has decided to create the advertisement zone. Ad Zones can be banner ads (graphical images), they can be text link ad zones, or they can be embedded link ad zones.

Simply put an ad zone is an area available on a webpage for an advertiser to purchase and place their advertisement.
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What type of "Ad Zones" can I Buy or Sell ...?

There are 3 Types of Ad Zones you can buy or sell.

Banner Ad Zones: These zones are graphical ads. They can be of any size and shape. Advertisers are responsible for designing their own banner ads. Publishers setup the banner ad zones and set their pricing. We do not provide hosting of banner ads.

Standard Text Ad Zones: These zones are standard text link ads with a link description. They appear horizontally or vertically on the publisher site depending on where the publisher has setup the standard text ad zone. From 1 to 10 Ads appear in a block with or without link descriptions.

Premimum Embedded Text Ad Zones: These zones are text link ads that a webmaster has set to be placed within the content of their site. A publisher can offer 1 or more embedded text ad zones per page. Simple Terms: Within a pagaraph of text the publisher is allowing an advertiser to place their advertisements.
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Is This Advertising Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression ...?

Its Both! Publishers decide if they will charge by pay-per-click (ppc) or pay for time frame at week or month intervals. A publisher sets their pricing by each click OR they sell the ad zone by week or by month time intervals. You decide which is best for you.
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I'm an Advertiser, How Much does it Cost...?

It is free to join! Your advertising costs will vary on how much a publisher has listed their ad zones for and what you are willing to spend. You can search by costs and decide which websites are best for you, depending on age and the quality of their content. You can also Private Message a publisher and ask them specific questions about the advertising on their site. There is no bidding or auction system at www.dclickads.com. Its a straight forward buy it now process. Ad spots are sold by week, month, or by click depending on what the publisher has decided they will offer.
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I'm a Webmaster, Will I Make Money with Dclick Ads..?

Yes. The concept is you are paid for advertising zone space available on your website that you have sold. We handle all of the billing and inventory selling, your earnings are paid monthly. How much you charge and how much an advertiser is willing to spend will determine your earnings. How much you can charge usually depends on the quality of your website and the visitors and target audience your site attracts. The better quality and more popular your website becomes, generally speaking the higher amounts you can charge for advertisement zones. Please note there are ad placement system requirements for our service to place the ads.
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Are there any System Requirements...?

There are no system requirements for advertisers or publishers.
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What Types Of Payment Methods Do You Accept...?

Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Paypal. Im sorry we do not accept checks or money orders.
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As a Webmaster When will I get Paid ...?

Publishers are sent their earnings check minus the services fees, 30 days after the advertisement order has been fullfilled in Paypal. Im sorry we do not support other payment methods. Paypal only. If you cannot receive paypal, you cannot participate. Example: Adveriser A purchases an ad on your site for 1 Month. Your earnings paypal will be sent from this purchase 30 days after the 1 month ad placement as finished. Note: We only support Paypal webmaster payouts at this time. You must have a Paypal account in order to get paid being in the dclickads website publisher ads system..
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