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Optimize Your Campaigns Buy banner ads, text link ads, or premium embedded inline text ads that generate high levels of click thrus and conversions.
Total Control Or Hands Off You can browse through inventory and pick where you would like to have your ads placed or we can match the ads and place them for you. Eliminate click fraud by using the dclickads system.
Direct Link Ad Technology Our system serves up advertisements as direct links to your website for optimized placement and maximum click thru and conversion performance.
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Services & Features

  • Purchase banner, text link or highly targetted embedded text ad zones. Based on available slots and inventory.

  • Advertisements are placed by hand by the webmaster using plain human hand technology for maximum performance and customized ad placement optimization.

  • No Bidding or auction style purchases. Straight forward publisher sets the cost and you decide the value and if it is right for you. You can reduce and eliminate click fraud by purchasing ads by week or month intervals only.

  • Buy ads on individual websites OR set your budget and purchase ads across a category network of sites. Our system and staff will place your ads across the category network for maximum visibility.

  • How to Start Purchasing

    1. Register for an account or Login.
    2. Browse the Site Directory and decide which banner, text link, or embedded inline link advertisements you want to purchase.
    3. Add the advertising zones to your cart and pay with your credit card. Your advertisements will typically appear in 5-7 business days upon approval.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How Much does DclickAds Cost?

      The cost to place advertising depends on how much the webmaster (publisher) has set for the pricing. We accept credit card transactions with Paypal or through our secure gateway setup checkout page. The pricing can vary and is dependent upon what the publisher thinks it is worth. There is no bidding just a "buy it now" process where you pick which web pages you want your ads placed. Upon approval and billing your advertisements will then appear. It is Free to browse our publisher inventory and it is free to register for an account.

    • What Type Of Ads Can I Place?

      We offer a flexible system where you can buy banner, standard text link or premium inline embedded text link ads. You are responsible for designing your banners or entering your text link information.

    • How do I Get Started?

      Its simple. Simply register for an account. Then browse the webmaster sites and zones available or purchase across a network of sites all at once and the system will place your ads for you. Once your ads have been approved and your credit card has been billed your ads will appear within 5-7 business days.

Note: You have full control on how your ads are setup. You set your banners, or text link ads. Decide which ads you want to purchase or buy across a category and let the system place them for you.

Ad Zone: An ad zone is a section of a webpage set by the webmaster as a place where your advertisements can be placed. There are 3 types of zones: Banner, Standard Text Link, and Premium Embedded Link Zones.
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