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Maximize Your Advertising Revenue Potential earn maximum advertising dollars by offering banner, standard text link, or offer premium embedded links you offer and place within the content of your pages.
Set your Own Pricing Our advertising network allows you to set your own pricing by month. You have full control over how much money and income you can earn.
SmartCache Ad Serving Technology Our system serves up ads using the most modern advertising distribution system available. No system downtime or delayed page loads.
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How Publishers Earn Income

Dclickads is an text link, banner, inline ads network where publishers list their site space/inventory called Ad Zones for sale in the system. You earn income based on the amount you charge for ad placement monthly basis. You decide the amount.

Dclickads handles all of the payment processing services between buyer(advertiser) and seller(publisher). Each month a paypal transfer is sent to you based on your ad earnings. Advertisements placed by the system are direct links to the advertiser utilizing proprietary Human Placement technology for maximum optimization of the campaign.

How to Start Earning Ad Income

  1. Register for an account or Login.
  2. Add your site profiles and setup a website publisher profile. Then define set your pricing and the type of advertising you would like to offer.
  3. Wait for advertisers to request advertising on your site. Either approve or reject the ad offer. If you approve of it, you will be instructed on how and where to place the advertisers ad.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Type of Advertising Can I offer?

    There are 3 types of advertisements you can offer: Banner ads, standard text link ads, and premium embedded link ads. Embedded link text ads are links placed embedded in your content that link to the advertiser's web page. You will have the capability of offering 1 or more ad zone areas per page.

  • How do I get Paid?

    Payment is made by paypal transfer. Payment is made 30 days after the advertisement has reached its time period. You are paid each month until the advertiser cancels their ad purchase. You can only be paid in paypal. Sorry no checks, western union or other payment processors are supported.

  • How Much Does this Cost?

    It is free to join and display your publisher profile and ad zone inventory. When an advertiser purchases your ad zones, a 35% advertising services fee based on the purchase price is paid to dclickads.com upon approval and billing.

System Requirements

  • Should have basic understanding and knowledge of how to edit a web page and insert tags and edit/add content.

Note: You have full control over approving or denying ads you are not interested in publishing.
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